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The Sanctions Story

Did you know that the my blog has  had over 13000 viewers from all over the world? I also have about 1500 connections on Facebook. Are you one of them yet? If not, like me  here.
By following my Facebook page and blog you’ll be able to see stories from across Zimbabwe.  Stories about communities banding together to fight evil sanctions  threatening  our citizens. I highlight where our citizens rights are being abused . I have pointed out where pro white supremacists propaganda is used to disguise these racist sanctions and justify their effect as the Government of Zimbabwe mismanagement .
I have tried to tell the stories of our struggle against USA  and  EU sanctions. How we have at times overcome or override these sanctions. These stories have been told by many amongst the enlightened and conscious of our citizens.
These stories must be told over and over again for the benefit of those who have lost the  Chimurenga narrative . Let us all tell the stories on social media. I am beggin…