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Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Sanctions and the bonded Zimdollar

One of my favorite political analyst Dr. Tafataona Mahoso always referred us to the” terror of forgetting”. This phenomenon is the centerpiece of political propaganda. It works very simply you just keeping on repeating the false statement until your audience starts believing it is the gospel truth.
The first of the falsehood that has been sold by the European Union and the USA has been that there are no sanctions against Zimbabwe. This has been taken up by the their sponsored opposition party and their followers. The opposition has repackaged the sanctions as “targeted sanctions” or “restrictive measures” and has gone on further to say there are no sanctions at all on Zimbabwe.

This rhetoric and lie have been recycled in the gutter press despite the Zimbabwe Democratic and Economic Recovery Act. For the stupid ones among us , the Act is not a product of the Parliament of Zimbabwe but a racist and genocidal law made specifically to punish Zimbabweans.
This Act has been used by the Americans to confiscate Zimbabwean trade proceeds and to cut all international credit lines to Zimbabweans. If you ask the USA embassy it will say the Act does exist but the sanctions do not!! See who sponsored this bill.

 The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (S. 494) is an act passed by the United States Congress sanctioned to provide for a transition to democracy and to promote economic recovery in Zimbabwe.[1]
Senators Bill Frist (R-Tennessee) and Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) introduced the bill on March 8, 2001.[2] Senators Frist, Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina), Hillary Clinton (D-New York), and Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) sponsored the bill. The Senate passed the bill on August 1 and the House of Representatives passed the bill on December 4.[3] PresidentGeorge W. Bush signed it into law on December 21.
This is an extract from Wikipedia and everyone amongst us can read through it. This bill has been renewed since 2001. The most interesting thing is that the people who sponsored the Bill are all white and are known racists who hate blacks even in their own country. These people have actually authorized the American government to steal from Zimbabweans.

The sanctions are a way of forcing the Chimurenga to stop. The sanctions aim is to reverse the land reform program and let whites own Zimbabwean land and resources. The aim is to make every Zimbabwean suffer. Every Zimbabwean has suffered since 2001 because of ZIDERA. We have cash shortages, currency attacks, job losses, factory closures and a host of other problems because of  ZIDERA.
When we look at the US$ and how our lives have now been bonded to it, our currency is now bonded to it and all Zimbabweans are slaves to ZIDERA.It is ZIDERA that has bonded us to the USA!! It is the ZIDERA that the USA want Zimbabweans to forget   while they strangle our economy.
Zimbabweans wake up!!!

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