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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Bob in Robert Mugabe

 What's so special about February 21? It is a Bob thing!! You know that it Robert Gabriel Mugabe's birthday. Well if you do not know Bob then you been dead all these all these years. The man turns 94 years next February!


Bob is that kind of guy that you might like to hate. I mean who would want to associate with a guy who does not drink and smoke. A guy who is a devoted Catholic and says his prayers before going to bed.

He has openly criticised homosexuality. He believe it is not only natural but unChristian to be gay. This is contrary to western views and many whites hate him for his stance on this issue.

 Well, he is kind of the boring person in the hood! No wonder they have banned him in the United States and Europe!!


Bob the leader and President

Bob is no ordinary persona! He has seven academic degrees and most of them he did while he was in prison.He was in prison because some crazy white person was not very comfortable with him wandering around Rhodesia. Now you see this guy spent eleven years in prison and came out with degrees in his prison exit bag!!! This guy is crazy!!!


Bob as a Freedom Fighter
Bob is kind of crazy!! He is that guy that took land from about 5000 British landowners who had inherited it from an equal crazy guy called Cecil John Rhodes. Cecil John Rhodes, through the British Chartered Company, had got the land from the indigenous and Aboriginals of Zimbabwe by hook and crook.

Our crazy Bob was not impressed with what Cecil Rhodes had done! He took the land from the lily-white skinned kith and kin of the Queen and Rhodes!! And here Bob gave the land to his own kith and kin, who are black and who, as they say, are not competent or qualified to be on the land.


Bob is a kind of unique British subject. He was knighted by the Queen of England. I mean if you're British you call him Sir Robert Gabriel Mugabe. This guy can seat in the House of Lords in England if he was not banned from visiting London by the subjects of the same Queen!!! The crazy Queen of England took back the sword and armour when she found out that he was parcelling out her land without her authority.


Bob has done crazier things. He has been a teacher in Zambia and Ghana. Well, he could have been a lawyer, economist or a dozen other things but he chose to be an ordinary leader of an ordinary revolution which has an extraordinary name-  Chimurenga.


Bob in the Bush
Chimurenga is a kind of crazy process!! It needs crazy people to work it up. Crazy black people just start killing equally crazy white people. Some people including Bob were the architect of the Chimurenga and you will have to guess who was on the winning side! You can also guess who was the leader of the winning side!!


For winning the war, the crazy whites denied him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1981. How could you award a white man's Prize to a crazy black communist, for beating fellow whites!!! As l have indicated all crazy white people have the right to hate this man. Mandela did get the Prize for staying 27 years in prison and being a white man's good boy!!!


Of all crazy things that Uncle Bob has done is to win every election since 1980!! The white driven propaganda machine has said he has cheated on all those elections. Well, I have voted for him several times because I am black and I vote to spite every white person who thinks Zimbabwe is theirs to take. I have voted for Bob because he has the capacity to lead.

Unlike Nelson Mandela you will not be seeing statures of Robert Mugabe,Joshua Nkomo and Kwame Nkrumah in the squares of Europe

There are still a lot of crazy of things Bob has done that make the Queen subjects very unhappy!!! There are also things that Bob has done to Zimbabweans that makes all of us go crazy with happiness and pride.The land issue, health and education and very frightening unity and tranquility.We do not expect applause from the European Union, United Kingdom and the USA for what he has done for this country, instead we have been slapped in the face, by racist sanctions from these white supremacists led countries!!!


Bob is turning 94!That is a crazy statement. He has said that he will be running for the President's office in 2018. That will make some people go pink and  crazy. We crazy people out here will definitely wish him a happy Birthday and (as crazy as it sounds) wish him many more!!!