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Monday, 23 January 2017

The Sanctions Story

Did you know that my blog has had over 25000 viewers from all over the world? I also have about 2800 connections on Facebook.
Are you one of them yet? If not, like me here.

By following my Facebook page and blog you’ll be able to see stories from across Zimbabwe.  Stories about communities banding together to fight evil sanctions threatening
our citizens.
I highlight where our citizens' rights are being abused. I have pointed out where pro-white supremacists propaganda is used to disguise these racist sanctions and justify their effect as the Government of Zimbabwe mismanagement.

I have tried to tell the stories of our struggle against USA  and  EU sanctions. How we have at times overcome or override these sanctions. These stories have been told by many amongst the enlightened and conscious of our citizens.

These stories must be told over and over again for the benefit of those who have lost the  Chimurenga narrative. Let us all tell the stories on social media. I am begging every Zimbabwean to Google ZIDERA or to go to Wikipedia so that we all speak with one informed voice against the sanctions.
l am proud to say those who have read my blog or my Facebook posts have done me a favour by sharing and reposting. I have had positive and negative criticism. These are our stories let us tell the world and let history be the judge on these racist sanctions.

When the world stops and reads these inspirational stories of our struggle against USA and EU sanctions we will inspire and convert more people to see the evil and impact of the sanctions. You can use Facebook to play your part too -- as social media is an effective way to take action and put pressure on our enemies.

Using the social media can really help us win hearts. Social media does not have borders or boundaries. It allows us to interact with the ordinary citizens of the EU and USA. It is an effective way of busting the sanctions! The purpose of the sanctions is primarily to gag us from speaking on the land issue and social media is the only tool we have at our disposal.

Reading my posts on Facebook and my blog means you can look forward to daily updates and posts on issues that matter to you.It’s a great way to keep in touch.
Bond Notes Are Not Zimdollars

Here are three things you might have missed recently by not following us on
1. Bond Notes.
2.Robert Mugabe's story.
3. ZIDERA sanctions unpacked.

With thousands of people liking, commenting on and sharing these stories, Facebook is still the number one way we can reach more people. By simply sharing one of our posts, people who may never otherwise hear about sanctions will get involved too, and in that way, we build a stronger and bigger movement against ZIDERA and the EU sanctions. Your friends will take notice of what you share -- if you care, chances are they will too!
Sanctions are about land

Will you join the community on Facebook and help spread the word to your friends?
All Zimbabweans must work together to challenge these sanctions by the West. Iwe neni tine basa!! It is our country and it is our duty.