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It is not a coincidence that the IMF is withholding funds it had intended to give to Mozambique. I am a fan of conspiracy theories and I have one for the Mozambique scenario and it is scary. Really intriguing stuff.

Let us go to the seventies. Who was the major sponsor of RENAMO in the beginning? It was the USA. It justified the sponsorship by claiming that it was countering communism. The Samora Machel regime was a good friend of Russia and China. These two countries had actual backed Frelimo in its war against the Portuguese and as we all know there was a Cold War going on.

Fast forward to the nineties. Samora is dead. His aeroplane shot down by mysterious aliens from outer space, The aliens in question had no relations to the Afrikaans in South Africa or the capitalist Western countries. The world knows there was no love lost between Samora Machel between the apartheid regime and the western power.

Have I told you I love conspiracy theories? The aliens must have sho…

Robert Mugabe Meets The Greedy and The Liars

The war veterans did meet President Robert Mugabe. It is what transpired in the meeting that has the ordinary people of Zimbabwe talking. The war veterans and the party they belong to are at loggerheads as to how to run the affairs of the party ZANU Pf.Here is my take on the meeting.

The war veterans want total control of the party by grabbing the Commissariat Department .All party organs are now to be headed by a war veteran. They want to grab strategic organs of the party.

The recommendation that wants all the  committees  chaired by war veterans.The recommendation if adopted will have war veterans heading the Provincial Committees and the National Executives of the Youth and Women . This recommendation  will affect all post holders from the cell to the Politiburo must and must be War Veterans. It will be war veterans at all levels.

This recommendation is undemocratic in the first place and secondly what will the current pool of war veterans have the political skills …