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Thursday, 2 October 2014



There is war for freebees going on and it is payback time for the long suffering consumer who has had to pay even for free services offered by the social media firms like Facebook and Whatsapp. All three networks have some free offer.

Consumers who have lines from the three mobile services can migrate from one service provider to another to enjoy unlimited free services. I am one of those who have all three networks Netone, Telcel and Econet.

Telcel is offering zero Facebook for free. Zero Facebook is Facebook without the frills. There are no pictures. You get charged for clicking on links and embedded pictures that take you out of zero Facebook. So you see it is not 100% free.

Econet is offering twitter for free. You also pay for clicking on links and pictures. This network is rationing the service and you may fail to access it. This I believe is unfair to the consumer.

Netone is offering free airtime on Netone to Netone calls and free data depending on the amount you pay.
Well if you do not want to miss on these free offering you need to buy all lines from the three networks and enjoy them. Good luck!!!!

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