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Friday, 7 February 2014



Coaching  a profession or just mumbo jumbo? No I think it is a game or simulation. It can not be a profession since we have been playing coaching since kindergarten… do not tell this to the billion dollar worldwide coaching and mentoring industry.

I am here to save you money by offering you an insight into how I develop a coaching a mentoring program. I will be interested to hear my readers’ comments. You can go to my blog on http//edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com or email your comments at embuzana@gmail.com .

The core business of a life coach is to direct an individual to achieve one or more objective in life.This entails giving mental , moral support and even material support to the client.
The word LIFE I have used on my clients.


This is the first stage you Listen to your client and Learn the problems that are blocking  his or her  development. Take notes at this stage and sketch the development path that you and your client need to walk through to achieve the objectives.

I in Life

This ‘ i ‘ in life stands for ‘EYE’. The coach must be able to see beyond the client’s problem by internalizing the feelings, fear and hope of the client.

F in life

This is a critical stage of life coaching and where the F words and four letter words are used and your expectations both as a client may be at crossroads and frustration is the order of the day. This where we need to sit down and FORMULATE a life plan. I call it the survival stage where both coach and client must do a realty check and come up with a workable life plan.

The plan should have deliverables and timetable  which both parties must commit themselves religiously. The plan should also be resourced either in the form of fees or other form of payment.

E in Life

The E in life stands for engagement. We must engage with our client on all levels. The coach must be involved in the business and social life in order for him to develop strategies that are relevant to the development of his or her client. The coach can seek the assistance of workmates, family members and others within the client’s social circle.

The E in life stands for the end. Coaching as I have already say is game or simulation. It must come to an end where we evaluate our successes and failures both as a client and coach. We must look at the agreed deliverables and see if  we have met our objectives.

The evaluation stage can also be used to see the effectiveness of the  coach ,his or her coaching programme or regime.

I would like to conclude by saying anyone can be a  life coach, as long as  a person has basic knowledge of the subject matter and your able to come with a structured coaching program. So Coach welcome to the game.

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