Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Fool of the Month

I rarely write more than two blog posts per month,  but circumstances have forced me to write. I am a fool of the month.  It is still  February remember.  I am not the only

fool of the month,  l think that boy from Chitungwiza can claim that title from me.

Look here there are fools but Nelson Chamisa beats them all. He is that guy that just declared himself the President of MDC -T. To this guy, the MDC-T constitution is just a piece of paper. It is just a piece of paper that a boy from Chitungwiza can read upside down and proceed to tear to pieces.
He is the guy or fool that on the very day that the founding President of MDC-T died went on to convene a national council meeting to conveniently confirm himself as the MDC-T president. It is was not only crude and rude gesture but the stupidest thing to happen in February. This guy is a fool!!

Nelson Chamisa foolishness did not end at Harvest House. He did the unthinkable. He hired his local hooligans from Harare to cause havoc at the rural home of Morgan Tsvangirai. It was a stupid thing to do.

I have been informed that the funeral of Morgan Tsvangirai turned out to be a fools orgy. It was a February funeral and fool's funeral. What else can you expect from a hired funeral party? If your bus hired prostitutes and ideological empty mercenaries (mahwindi), you will have created a recipe for an orgy.

Here is another fool from the same party. It is surprising that Obert Gutu has never realised that MDC-T party was a violent party. I mean if you remember the Elton Mangoma assault at Harvest House, or the violence in Bulawayo sometime last year.

Can we say the violence against Khupe and Mwonzora in Buhera was Obert Gutu's Damascus moment? It is stupid to assume that Obert Gutu did not know of the subtle violence on all Zimbabweans that the  MDC-T invited sanctions had on this country.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Of Morgan Tsvangirai And Chimurenga

 Lonely and Brave At last

Morgan passed on somewhere in South Africa. He was alone without his wife or mother. he was alone without his not so loyal party members. He was alone without those settler farmers who had created him. He was alone. This was the bravest point in his life where he was really alone and had to fight his fight on his own.

Morgan has always had people propping him up, either as a fulltime politician or as a union activist. It is this weakness the white settler farmers exploited in 1999. He was the perfect puppet, innocent and politically immature.The man made a perfect leader to head a movement that would stop the land redistribution and reverse the gain made by fellow blacks against the white settler farmers. He was anti- Chimurenga and anti-revolutionary. Zimbabwean history has already judged him.

Hero Or Traitor

Morgan was not a self-made man. He was a man who needed a" lot of hand-holding" to borrow that forgotten USA ambassador said in those Wikileaks documents. He was the guy who chickened out of going to fight the Chimurenga. He could not be brave enough to cross the Mozambican border. He could not sacrifice his life to free his has been said that he was not brave enough to stand for Member of Parliament in his own home constituency.

It is the paragraph above that tarnishes Morgan bid to lay on the National Heroes Acre, Manicaland Provincial Heroes Acre or Buhera District Heroes Acre. He does not deserve that honour. We should be proud that at least he will be honoured by his family and those who believe he contributed to their lives on a personal level.

 We have here, a man who in his words could fight for property rights for the white settler. He was prepared to sacrifice our lives by inviting sanctions on his motherland. Let us not forget that he was not always alone in his quest to take on a revolution and reverse it. You have to remember people like Ncube, Mangoma Biti, Gutu and of late Chamisa, who hang around him.

Chimurenga Is Forever

 It is important that we as Zimbabweans draw lessons from Morgan life and death. Chimurenga is bigger than all the white settlers purse. It is bigger than one man's ego. It is bigger than all the party that will be formed. It is bigger than one man's name or brand.

Death has to come. It had to happen to all of us, it was only a matter of when. It is our tradition that we mourn with the bereaved but let us not forget the story around Morgan Tsvangirai. The true story.

May his troubled soul rest in peace.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Of Fools,Sanctions and February

Tradition and routine of February calls

We are as Zimbabweans have been accustomed to some routines. This February will be a special one to me and to other political commentators.

It is a month traditional called "mwedzi webenzi" that roughly translates into "the fool's month". In this month all traditions are suspended or ignored. You can even go and work in the fields on the weekly traditional "chisi".

It is the shortest month on the calendar but let us check-out what is going on. 

The Sanctions Renewal Month

The USA ZIDERA  sanctions on Zimbabwe have been routinely been renewed in February since 2001. The sanctions are bound to be renewed again by a fool of a President,  Donald Trump.

It is also good to note that we sent our fools to the USA, in the form of Nelson Chamisa,  Tendai Biti,  Dewah Mavhunga and that diehard Rhodesian Godwin. The four advised the USA not remove the sanctions but to tighten them, despite us having got rid of Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

The result of the treacherous action by those four will be felt after the USA President renew and tighten the sanctions on Zimbabwe. Each and every 14 million Zimbabweans will continue to suffer under those sanctions.

The 21st February Movement
It is official. The 21st of February is now a national holiday.Is it coincident that it is Robert Mugabe's birthday?

The 21st February Movement does still exist somewhere? I think it is a day for our nation and youth to remember Robert Mugabe as a statesman. I believe it is a great honour to his legacy.

We will have to see what the holiday will have in store for us.

The Fools in the Circus Called MDC
It is a fools month and the MDC cannot be seen to be left out. Chamisa has unilaterally declared himself the de facto successor to the ailing Tsvangirai.He is the president of the MDC and the broken coalition. Mudzuri, Khupe and other congress elected leaders have been relegated to the backseat.

This month is going to end up badly for the opposition, we wait to see which fool will lead the MDC and the clueless coalition.

The Fools of the Month

It is a month of the fool. We have people like Chamisa lying that if MDC wins Donald Trump will give Zimbabwe $15 billion dollars. He was talking to people who he believed were fools like him. Let him be the fool he wants to be!!

There was the MDC Alliance playing the fool with their supporters.The alliance will not hold primaries. I believe the ailing MDC leader will draw names of candidates from his hat. Life will never get as foolish as this!
Then we hear that foolish gang called G40 is regrouping. It is hoping to jump on the coalition bandwagon and play the fool. Can a full grown professor be foolish to join a circus and be the chief clown?

 I understand those bicycles bought from the ZIMDEF funds are now in but they have the wrong picture. The Professor was right about the party but he was just on the wrong side of the ZANU Pf coin.

 It is a month of fools.
 Zimbabwe let us wait for the Ides of March.

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Myths of Gukurahundi and Mthwakazi

I had to say something which I know will draw a lot of criticism from some of my friends. Gukurahundi to me was the loss of one of my nephews in Bulawayo.

 He family name was Mwatenga. He was a fluent Ndebele And Zulu speaker and his father's origin tribe is Ndau and his mother's origin was  Swazi. He was not killed by the Fifth Brigade but was killed by people who believed that they were better Ndebeles than him.

 These are the type of Ndebeles that we have on social media. These are the Ndebeles who identify themselves by geographical boundaries. These are those animals that caused the Gukurahundi disturbances in the 80s in the first place. These type of animals will cause another disturbance if they are given a chance to organise and mobilise.

We must not allow tribalism to undermine our nationhood, peace and security.

People speak of Gukurahundi as a genocide. It was not.The Matabeleland had been infiltrated by apartheid South Africa sponsored Super Zapu elements.The purpose of Super Zapu was to create a buffer zone in Matabeleland. The people who made up of Super ZAPU were mercenaries on the apartheid SouthAfrica payroll. There were not Ndebeles, but a collection of trained and armed men.

It is wrong to believe that the so-called dissidents were all of Ndebele origin. It is also wrong to believe that only Ndebeles were targeted in the Gukurahundi disturbances, as I have pointed out above, in my nephew's case.

The truth about Mthwakazi, or whatever they call it, is that it exists in the mind of the sick minds of tribalists. You cannot fit it anywhere in Zimbabwe or in southern Africa this Muthwakazi.It does not even have historical proof that it ever existed outside the mind of the psychotic mind of the Ndebele tribalist.

I challenge the tribalists to place the so-called Muthwakazi in between Mapungubwe and Zimbabwe.It is a madman exercise to create a country in his mind and then wish the whole world to live and believe his madness.

It is a  grave mistake to sell Gukurahundi and Mthwakazi cards to the opposition parties supporters.People of Zimbabwe are aware of the intention and origin of the lies on Gukurahundi and Mthwakazi. Gukurahundi was not a genocide and Mthwakazi does not exist.

Let the truth be told.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Fall of an elected dictator


I can safely say this country was like a runaway train. Yes Zimbabwe, with Robert Mugabe in charge, was a train that had suddenly gone loose. No controls, no one in charge. 

We were on a runaway train until the palace coup.The interface rallies were like adding fuel to a runaway train. Something had to give!! The soldiers brought the runaway train to a screeching halt.


The criminals around the former president of Zimbabwe were the target of the so-called palace coup. The criminals were the gang that had been elected and mandated to represent the people of Zimbabwe in parliament.

 These criminals had assumed superpowers. They were literally unstoppable and rude. The ruling party had been hijacked. Ethics and principles were thrown out of the window.


I will always take the coup (which technical was not a coup) as a political manoeuvre. It was a process of reinventing ZANU-PF as a revolutionary party. The executive arm of government had to rearrange and recall the party leadership in order assert and reinforce the founding principles of Chimurenga. The principles and ideology had been hijacked by a cabal of wayward individuals within the ruling party. It was the brave and bold move by people in the rank and file of Zanupf.


The people were celebrating the ouster of Robert Mugabe for very different reasons. The reasons for the coup was lost in the noise and colour of the crowds. Some were celebrating for a return to Rhodesia, some were celebrating the fall of Grace, some were celebrating the fall of an elected dictator and some just wanted to shake the hands of the soldiers. It was a crazy crowd.

The army reassured the sober people in the crowd that the purpose of the palace coup was to restore the liberation struggle legacy. The reason for the coup was to bring order to the ruling party and nothing else!!


The coup has not only given ZANU-PF a new leadership, it has given the party a new impetus. The opposition is afraid of losing the next elections. The coup did not work in favour of the opposition. The opposition and the Rhodesian settlers elements had anticipated chaos in ZANU-PF after the unceremonious departure of Robert Mugabe. It did not happen, this has not gone down well with the opposition.

We have people churning out the tribal card on Gukurahundi. We have people in the opposition going to the USA and EU calling for an extension of sanctions against Zimbabwe. We have people labelling and denigrating a sitting president. It is the usual election rhetoric, which does not win elections and the respect of the people of Zimbabwe. for the opposition.

The people of Zimbabwe are tired of the rhetoric from the opposition, can the opposition concentrate on winning elections. Can it stop complaining and start campaigning? The people have had enough over the years.

Asante sane!!!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Who is Robert Mugabe?

Robert Mugabe's education policies have produced accountants, magistrates, pharmacists, lawyers and engineers. Black Zimbabweans with skills are in demand all over the world and credit should be given to Robert Mugabe for creating and nurturing a robust education system.
A point to note is that Zimbabwe had one university at independence and it now has over a dozen universities. 
                                                                          Land Reform Programme
The Rhodesian settlers have called Robert Mugabe Land Reform program chaotic and violent. It is a fact that the land was allocated and distributed according to the laws of Zimbabwe. The land reform was not a failure as portrayed in the western media. Various researchers have proved that though not a huge success the land reform was not a failure.

 Previously disadvantaged Zimbabweans now have land. Zimbabweans had waited for up to 20 years after independence for land.
Britain the former colonial ruler of Zimbabwe to refused to support land redistribution, throwing peace-loving Zimbabweans into an ugly race row, going on to tarnish the image of the country contributing to an economic meltdown from the year 2000 to the present day.  

Despite attempts by apartheid South Africa and some Rhodesians to sponsor rebel armed groups just after independence contributing to the Gukurahundi disturbances, Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe has been hugely a safe and peaceful country, contributing to ending wars in Mozambique, DRC and other African countries. Zimbabwe boasts of a well-trained security sector which has contributed to peace in the country despite years of sanctions-induced hardships.
                                                                                    Liberation struggle
Robert Mugabe was imprisoned for 11 years in Ian Smith's jails fighting for the rights of all people.Robert Mugabe took over the leadership of ZANU in 1975. He changed ZANU into a well-administered fighting machine and his leadership culminated in the surrendering of the Rhodesian settlers. 

                                                                                            Time to go 

While we all agree that it is time for Mugabe to leave, it is paramount and imperative for us Zimbabweans to recognize him as an icon, a great statesman and the founding father of this great nation.

Friday, 15 December 2017

The Coup and The Sanctions Call


The coup (which to me was never a coup) latent strategic objectives was to stabilise the economy and to woo back the international community and allow for internal cohesion. The patent objective was to protect our national interests and to remove undesirable elements in the legislative arm of government. It was a coup carried out by the Executive arm of government with the sole aim of bringing order in the ruling party Zanu Pf.


The white supremacists and their fellow kitchen niggers in the diaspora and at home anxiously anticipated that Mnangagwa incorporates Morgan Tsvangirai in his government. The white faces in that infamous march to the State House were a true show of the hatred that the Rhodesians have of Robert Mugabe. President Munangagwa made the right decision to exclude the white supremacists sponsored MDC alliance.It would have been a  political disaster to bring the sellout party into government.

It is important to note that the subsequent visit and invitation to the USA Senate of the likes of Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa, Dewa Mavhinga and the die-hard Rhodesian Godwin is a repeat of what was done in the year 2000. The USA imposed crippling economic sanctions against Zimbabwe.
The sanctions brought about massive economic meltdown for the period 2000 to 2017. The MDC alliance has stupidly pointed out the economic meltdown as a result of Robert Mugabe of misrule.

The people of  Zimbabwe have despite the economic meltdown remained united as a nation.
It is important that the extension of sanctions will not bring Zimbabwe to its knees as the MDC alliance wishes. The sanctions are a rallying point for Zimbabweans as seen by the reaction of people on social media.The ideas of freedom, economic progress, justice and equality have kept Zimbabweans united. Let the MDC alliance know, Zimbabweans are incredibly resilient, they will soldier on, despite the extension of the sanctions.

 It is a fact that a resurgent Zanu-PF, cannot fix the economy alone. ZANU Pf as the ruling party now needs to engage the international community. The MDC alliance is aware that they do not stand a chance come next general election, so the sanctions are a weapon against ZANU Pf and a direct act of blackmail against the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe. The sanctions are the barrier between Zimbabwe and the international community, we can not have economic progress.
The move to call for the extension of the economic sanction by MDC is an own goal!!!

Mr Mnangagwa who had successfully sold himself to the international community, as an uncompromising reformer given the audacious vision he pronounced during his inauguration. The vision included reigning on fiscal indiscipline, stamping out corruption and nepotism, arresting criminals and immediately revamping the economy. The MDC alliance sends their envoys to the USA because they know that ZANU Pf has outsmarted them this time around. The MDC alliance stands no chance against Zanu Pf without the sanctions blackmail.

Zimbabwe let us say no to sanctions.
God bless Zimbabwe.

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