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Nelson Chamisa's Battle Between Legitimacy and idiocy

Fighting for Legitimacy Jumping the Queue Nelson Chamisa is in a very long fight for legitimacy, the battle started when he anointed h...

Monday, 9 July 2018

The Independent Candidates Syndrome

There is a wind sweeping our politically landscape. It is the rise of independent candidates who feel they can compete with established parties candidates . We will not only have a record number of political parties but we will have record number of independent candidates too.


 The MDC alliance unclear method of electing candidates by consensus has not helped the situation. We have seen the likes of Majome of Harare West constituency elect to stand as an independent. It was not by choice but the policy of consensus on primaries has not gone down well with members of the MDC alliance. The consensus method, which has been a covert way of imposing candidates on the people, has resulted in disruption of the MDC alliance primaries. 


The MDC alliance supporters has violently rejected the imposition of candidates by Nelson Chamisa. The likes of relatives of the late Morgan Tsvangirai imposed in certain constituencies by Chamisa has been rejected by the people. It is this move which will generate more independent candidates from the MDC alliance. 


The independent candidates syndrome is not only restricted to the opposition , it will affect the ruling ZANUPF party too. ZANUPF recently held primaries had some disgruntled losing members threatening to stand as independents. It takes a brave person to stand as an independent. It is this bravado that is baffling. The independent candidates are not afraid to take on the established parties despite limited resources and lack of grassroots support .

I wish the independent candidates good luck.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Nelson Chamisa's Battle Between Legitimacy and idiocy

Fighting for Legitimacy
Jumping the Queue
Nelson Chamisa is in a very long fight for legitimacy, the battle started when he anointed himself heir to the late Morgan Tsvangirai. He catapulted himself into the MDC-T presidium and caused disillusionment amongst the leadership and MDC-T followers. It is an open secret that Nelson Chamisa is illegitimately holding on to the MDC-T presidency.

Congress or Coup
The disillusioned party members have gone ahead and held a congress and legally took the name MDC-T from Nelson Chamisa and his cabal.
The very move by Ms Khupe to hold a congress leaves Nelson Chamisa in a very awkward position in terms of legitimacy. If Nelson Chamisa is as popular as he thinks, why can he not call for a congress?  Ms Khupe has categorical said that Nelson Chamisa got the presidency through a coup.
Nelson Chamisa presidency is unconstitutional and he knows it.

Constitutionality or Crook
It is, not a secret that Nelson Chamisa is not concerned with what the MDC-T constitution say on how a President of the party is elected, he as an advocate is the best person to interpret and follow it.
Instead, he pretends to be a village idiot. He is playing to the gallery at the expense of party members and other voters in general. Nelson Chamisa got to the MDC-T presidency by hook and crook. This idiocy will be his downfall and will cost the MDC alliance.

Idiocy On Hard Talk
The BBC Hard Talk interview exposed the shortcomings of Nelson Chamisa. He failed to articulate his policies. The presenter wanted Nelson Chamisa to tell the world what he had for Zimbabwe if he was elected as President of Zimbabwe. He had nothing except empty criticism of Emmerson Mnangagwa. He proved himself as the perfect idiot.

Time is running out for Nelson Chamisa and the MDC alliance. It is a fact that the general election will be held before the 31st  of July. The question of Nelson Chamisa's legitimacy has to be resolved, and it needs to be resolved fast. It either the MDC alliance will have to go into the elections with Nelson Chamisa's idiocy or eject him from the alliance for credibility and legitimacy.

Monday, 30 April 2018

The Primaries And The Undemocratic Process

Where is the democracy in MDC?

The election is a democratic process of choosing a person to get into a public office.The process here in Zimbabwe normal starts at the grassroots level. What the MDC alliance is doing is to impose candidates. Imposition of candidates is a sure way to lose an election. 

Our questions as Zimbabweans to the MDC is;
 Where is the democracy in your name? 

Who is the democratically elected leader of MDC?

Where are the primary elections of aspiring members of parliament?

Bribing The Leader And Forgetting the Voter
The opposition MDC has sitting Members of Parliament paying $1000 to the self-imposed Nelson Chamisa, so as to get their place in the next election. The question here is, is this a democratic process? Are same MPs going to pay the voters in their constituency? The MDC approach to the election process is undemocratic and it will cost them voters and they will definitely lose the elections.

The MPs have bribed their leader and forget the people who are going to vote for them.

The Parties and Primaries

The Zanu-PF primaries are the true democracy at play. Let the masses elect their leaders, young, middle-aged or old. The crux of the matter is the ability of the chosen candidate to perform. The general public must question the way the MDC alliance is handling the election process. Those shadowy NGOs and fake civic organisation must comment on the going on in the MDC.

Youth Vote And Generational Renewal

This notion of thinking that the youngsters are the alternative leadership is misplaced. The Zanu-PF primaries are a good indicator that a party can undergo generational renewal using the available democratic processes. A good leader will always be identified by the electorate.

The youth vote is not the monopoly of the opposition parties as seen by the youth participating as voters and candidates in the Zanu-Pf primaries. The MDC must look at itself if they need to be relevant and appealing to the youths of Zimbabwe.

We the people of Zimbabwe are all for the youth. The future of the country and the revolution is in their hands. Let the youths play a role in all our democratic processes.

Zimbabwe is forever!!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Zimbabwe's Politics Prophecy or Predictions

 I wrote on the following before the coup, the renewal of ZIDERA sanctions and Morgan Tsvangirayi's death in February 2018. This is not a prophecy but events that lead to a predictable end.I wrote those events on my blog and history has proved me right on the following.

Saviour Tyson Kasukuwere

'The political commissar has been accused by both the war veterans and youths, as out of touch with the grassroots of the party.
He might be the saviour of the party or as destructive as  Mike Tyson." I wrote last year.


Saviour Tyson Kasukuwere is no longer Zanu-PF political commissar. He fled into exile after the coup. 

"The USA ZIDERA  sanctions on Zimbabwe have been routinely been renewed in February since 2001. The sanctions are bound to be renewed again by a fool of a President,  Donald Trump.

It is also good to note that we sent our fools to the USA, in the form of Nelson Chamisa,  Tendai Biti,  Dewah Mavhunga and that diehard Rhodesian Godwin. The four advised the USA not remove the sanctions but to tighten them, despite us having got rid of Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

The result of the treacherous action by those four will be felt after the USA President renew and tighten the sanctions on Zimbabwe. Each and every 14 million Zimbabweans will continue to suffer under those sanctions." I said that.


The sanctions were renewed at the behest of the MDC T and Rhodesian sympathisers.

"It is a fools month and the MDC cannot be seen to be left out. Chamisa has unilaterally declared himself the de facto successor to the ailing Tsvangirai.He is the president of the MDC and the broken coalition. Mudzuri, Khupe and other congress elected leaders have been relegated to the backseat.

This month is going to end up badly for the opposition, we wait to see which fool will lead the MDC and the clueless coalition." I wrote.


Nelson Chamisa lied his way to the MDC T leadership. He now is the de facto leader of the MDC alliance

"While one heroine was dancing with the devil, this other heroine from Manicaland was burning the chair she was sitting on. She could see the smoke but could not identify where the fire was coming from.
The smoke is still blowing but our heroine has ungracefully retreated to her honourable office. It is a month of utter madness." I said that last year.


Mandi is now in exile and the person she insulted at a rally is now the President of Zimbabwe.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Of Chamisa, Lies and Rhetorics

Buses or Bullet trains at Mbare Musika Terminal
You might have heard of bullet trains, rural airports, tomato or is it potato factories being sold by Nelson Chamisa at MDC rallies. It is all lies and he is like a madman drunk on elections rhetorics. He is not alone.

The white supremacists' media has also been churning their traditional elections rhetoric on social media and other platforms. Here are some in short.

The Voters Intimidation Rhetoric
Voters are said to be forced to go and vote for ZANU Pf. This is one very tired rhetoric which we can trace to the first elections of 1980. ZANU Pf was accused of bussing thousands of voters from within and outside the borders of Zimbabwe.  It was a lie then and it is a lie today.

The Banned Rally Rhetoric
The so-called independent press will be in overdrive on percieved banned rallies.
For the record rallies cannot be banned, you can be denied to hold a rally at a certain time or place due to inadequate security and availability of police to maintain law and order.It is that simple,  so my piece of advice is, book your rally in time.

The Biometric Voters Registration Rhetoric
The opposition and the so-called civic societies are poised to raise doubt and mistrust of the biometric registration system. It is routine rhetoric which is calculated to make the elections not seem to be free and fair.

It is important for every Zimbabwean to understand the source of the rhetoric.The press and the white sponsored civic organisations had the  Biometric Voters Roll issue on the table. They wanted UNDP to fund, source and deliver the Biometric Voters Roll equipment on behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe.

 The Government of Zimbabwe refused to be relegated to a spectator role in the election process. It went on and bought the BVR system, but this was not accepted by the opposition.

The Stupid And Uneducated Rural Voters Rhetoric
The constituencies will be flooded by the pseudo civic societies that will come to teach the "illiterate " people, on, not only how to vote but who to vote for.  The civic societies have been exposed as an extension of the opposition campaign team. Their role is to scuttle and unsettle the ruling party's hold in the constituency.

The Traditional Leadership Partisan Rhetoric
The press once again raising the issue of traditional leaders as political and partisan. The so-called independent media and white sponsored civic organisations have failed to understand, respect and understand the importance and role of the traditional leaders. Traditional leaders are the spiritual owners of the land and rural space.
These traditional leaders offer guidance and leadership to their respective community. The traditional leaders have a role to play spiritual, economic, social and political. It is their sacred duty to the community.
This critical role of traditional leaders has been relegated to the backseat firstly by the former Rhodesian settlers and now by their sponsored opposition parties,  their press and civic organisations.
It will go a long way if these white supremacists sponsored media, opposition parties and civic organisations give the traditional leaders the respect that they deserve. It might be the key to gain respect and voters in the rural areas.

The Zanupf Factions Rhetoric
The Zanupf factions rhetoric is now gone since the demise of G40. The factional wars within the party have not affected the grassroots supporters. I will say safely that the faction may be in the heads of the opposition parties leaders.The factions are played out in the press and on social media,  they are not real.

The Rhetorics And The 2018 Elections

Zimbabweans should now be aware of the sources of the rhetorics and must focus now on the 2018 elections. The elections are a landmark in the history of our nationhood, they are as crucial and critical as the 1980 elections. The enemy is still the Rhodesians. They have metaphorically disguised itself into the MDC in its various forms and with its Shona and Ndebele surnames. It is imperative that every Zimbabwean vote against the white supremacists' regime change agents and instead vote for the progressive and revolutionary party.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Madness of March


Robert Mugabe has all of sudden become a darling of the white supremacist press. Every paper and TV wants to interview him. Robert Mugabe is a great showman and speaker, he likes the limelight on him and he is basking foolishly in it.

Robert Mugabe was a pariah to the western press until the coup,(which was never a coup) in November 2017. Now the BBC, CNN and the other media houses want to hear his perfect Queen's English. All of sudden the hated landgrabber and legendary pain in the neck of every white person is now a star of sorts, that is, to the western media.

The frog has just turned into a Prince.

That is absolute madness.


The madness does not end in the press. We have a guy having some serious hallucinations of tomatoes flying from Murehwa to Brussels. This guy has also had dreams of bullet trains rushing and chasing each other from Harare to Plumtree. These juvenile dreams have been seen fit and proper to be announced at rented crowd rallies.

The dreamer wish to lure supporters by his dreams!!!

Our dreamer is none other than the self-imposed MDC alliance leader Mr.Nelson Chamisa.

The dreams are absolute madness!!!


Thokozani Khupe fired Nelson Chamisa from MDC T. She proceeded to steal the name from Chamisa and company. People are now convinced that the T in MDCT stands for Thokozani. When I say "people" I mean the people in Matabeleland.

 This madness will never end well for the MDC T. It means that the MDC alliance vote is split and the voters are confused. The MDC has rigged the elections in ZANU Pf favour, they have made sure that they lose the elections.\

It is March Madness


The constitutional court has stopped the madness in industry. This Madness was started by none other than Nelson Chamisa when he represented ZUWA Petroleum. Thousands of workers were dismissed without notice or compensation following Chamisa win.

The constitutional court has set aside all the dismissals and ordered employers to compensate all employees unfairly dismissed.

It is madness reversed.


On a lighter note and as a parting shot. Is marriage a game? This questioned is aimed at the young and the young at heart. Let us look at the Olinda and Tytan marriage......it is the real March Madness.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Fool of the Month

I rarely write more than two blog posts per month,  but circumstances have forced me to write. I am a fool of the month.  It is still  February remember.  I am not the only

fool of the month,  l think that boy from Chitungwiza can claim that title from me.

Look here there are fools but Nelson Chamisa beats them all. He is that guy that just declared himself the President of MDC -T. To this guy, the MDC-T constitution is just a piece of paper. It is just a piece of paper that a boy from Chitungwiza can read upside down and proceed to tear to pieces.
He is the guy or fool that on the very day that the founding President of MDC-T died went on to convene a national council meeting to conveniently confirm himself as the MDC-T president. It is was not only crude and rude gesture but the stupidest thing to happen in February. This guy is a fool!!

Nelson Chamisa foolishness did not end at Harvest House. He did the unthinkable. He hired his local hooligans from Harare to cause havoc at the rural home of Morgan Tsvangirai. It was a stupid thing to do.

I have been informed that the funeral of Morgan Tsvangirai turned out to be a fools orgy. It was a February funeral and fool's funeral. What else can you expect from a hired funeral party? If your bus hired prostitutes and ideological empty mercenaries (mahwindi), you will have created a recipe for an orgy.

Here is another fool from the same party. It is surprising that Obert Gutu has never realised that MDC-T party was a violent party. I mean if you remember the Elton Mangoma assault at Harvest House, or the violence in Bulawayo sometime last year.

Can we say the violence against Khupe and Mwonzora in Buhera was Obert Gutu's Damascus moment? It is stupid to assume that Obert Gutu did not know of the subtle violence on all Zimbabweans that the  MDC-T invited sanctions had on this country.