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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Lobels, Lays Chips and Robert Mugabe

This has been fun...

I’ve been blown away by the enthusiastic response to the presence of  Lobel's  the bread makers at the President of Zimbabwe birthday over the past few days. 

The white supremacist's regime change agents have gone wild on social media calling the public to boycott the bakers. The leaders of war cry are based in the diaspora.

These foreign agitators are calling for locals who have always bought the bread to boycott  Lobels.  It is the same people who at the behest of the white supremacists' call recommended Zimbabwean companies to be blacklisted under the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act by the USA. 

It not by accident that these black people are urging the black people of Zimbabwe to boycott a black owned company. You wonder why these same black people have not recommended the boycott of white-owned companies like Ford, Landrover, Mercedes-Benz or the producer of Lays potato chips ,Hullet, Tanganda, and Nestle. These companies products were available for all to see at the birthday bash. These white-owned companies were are untouchable and above reproach -just because the owners has superior color skin to us Africans.

These agitators have also got the picture of the President eating a packet of Lays potato chips. They have questioned why the president is eating a foreign made product. I  have responded by asking them why they are asking those questions from a foreign country. If the President of Zimbabwe eats or get treated in a foreign country that does not make him a lesser human being.

Should we boycott an indigenous Zimbabwean company because it has been seen at an elected President's birthday party? No. We the people of Zimbabwe have better things to do.
We shall boycott the white supremacists as always in the ballot box by not voting for black people with white supremacists agendas. This will be the ultimate boycott.

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