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Friday, 24 March 2017

The White Supremacists' Fairy Stories Of Zimbabwe

I have had to write yet another post to defend the present and point out where white supremacists' media propaganda have brazenly twisted the past so that the gullible blacks among us are now able to glorify our oppressors and the years before independence. The white supremacists' propaganda and media have now turned the white settler farmers as heroes of that era. They have made us forget the exploitative and racial degradation that we suffered between 1890 and 1980.The stories are being constantly and persistently repeated that we now have a generation that believes them.


The white supremacists have always said Mugabe unlawfully took land from the  white settlers.The land was not grabbed by Robert Mugabe contrary to what we read in the white supremacists' media. It was legally acquired and appropriated under an Act of Parliament. The Land Acquisition Act of 1990( as amended) was the piece of legislation used to resettle over 300 000 households on farms which were owned by 3000 whites.

The land grab story has been distorted to the point that Robert Mugabe gave the land to his relatives and cronies.Now, if you are a person with 300 000 cronies surely you deserve to rule a country. Robert Mugabe must really have a large extended family, according to the media, even by our African standards.


This is one mean story.Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa, the displaced Rhodesian settlers are fond of repeating this false story. It was never a bread basket of Africa or even southern part of Africa. Rhodesia was the bread basket of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. It could feed the population of Rhodesia, Zambia, and Malawi in the 1950s. The total population of the three countries was less than the population of modern day Zimbabwe.

So every time you read this bread basket story dismiss it with the contempt that it deserves.


Here is the Gukurahundi story. on one side we had a Super Zapu armed and financed by apartheid South Africa. The purpose of Super Zapu was to destabilise Zimbabwe.It was not a Ndebele or Shona conflict as the white supremacists' media propaganda always repeat. It was a security issue and the government of Zimbabwe dispatched the famous 5th Brigade to deal with Super Zapu dissidents. It is true that civilians died in the conflict.

The Catholic Peace and Justice Commission carried out an enquiry and found out that the conflict had resulted in the death of under 4000 people, that includes both Ndebeles and Shonas.The white supremacists have now spinned the deaths to 40 000.

The white supremacists' media has politicized this story into a Ndebele-Shona.It is a fact that the 5th Brigade comprised of both Ndebele and Shona combatants.


The issue that has interested me and which is an obvious regime change tactic is the myth that Rhodesia was better.I borrow these words from a Facebook friend, Chenhamo Mutengure.
The arguments placed are that because Rhodesia had a strong currency and economic activity then this is evidence that indeed we were better off under the racist Ian Smith government.

But is this true?Was Rhodesia a great country for all or it was great so long as you were white?

First does a strong currency really translate to better living conditions for black peoples?Or maybe we are just looking at statistics that had absolutely no bearing on the standard of living for the black man.

Now let us look at the facts of Rhodesia.In Rhodesia, 80% of the population lived in the Tribal Trust Lands.This means that only 20% of people about 9% of whom were either white or Indian constituted the urban population.
So another myth that is thrown around looks we were better as our streets were clean, had good services etc yet the reality is Ian Smith artificially kept down urban populations so as to protect white privileges like running water, electricity and avoiding overcrowding of his streets for the benefit of the white man.
Also under Rhodesia, 60% of black people were illiterate and add to that only 3% of our people had secondary education.
Now, what happened to this 60% who couldn't read or write?Or the 97% that didn't have a secondary school education?
This means this was a segment that had no chance in life whether at home or abroad.

In 1980 we notice that Infant Mortality was at a staggering 120 in every 1000 children born, that is 12% of black babies dead.Contrast that to the present 25 in every 1000. There were fewer clinics in 1980 than today. Today it is government policy that you do not need to walk six kilometres to a clinic. 
Now how can a sane person say Rhodesia was better? Why is not the same media quiet on sanctions as well as their effect on our health system?


This is the story that the white supremacists' media has repeated on Mugabe since 1980. Mugabe was an old man in 1980.Everyone knew that when we elected him into office in 1980.The white supremacists' view is based on racism on one hand and ageism on the other. It is raw discrimination.
This is a story based on discrimination. Mugabe is old, so what? Why should his age matter? Is he going to be recruited in the police or army? For the record, the longest ruling Head of State is Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Not one white person has ever told her to resign.
The whites hate the old man and we love him.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Lobels, Lays Chips and Robert Mugabe

This has been fun...

I’ve been blown away by the enthusiastic response to the presence of  Lobel's  the bread makers at the President of Zimbabwe birthday over the past few days. 

The white supremacist's regime change agents have gone wild on social media calling the public to boycott the bakers. The leaders of war cry are based in the diaspora.

These foreign agitators are calling for locals who have always bought the bread to boycott  Lobels.  It is the same people who at the behest of the white supremacists' call recommended Zimbabwean companies to be blacklisted under the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act by the USA. 

It not by accident that these black people are urging the black people of Zimbabwe to boycott a black owned company. You wonder why these same black people have not recommended the boycott of white-owned companies like Ford, Landrover, Mercedes-Benz or the producer of Lays potato chips ,Hullet, Tanganda, and Nestle. These companies products were available for all to see at the birthday bash. These white-owned companies were are untouchable and above reproach -just because the owners has superior color skin to us Africans.

These agitators have also got the picture of the President eating a packet of Lays potato chips. They have questioned why the president is eating a foreign made product. I  have responded by asking them why they are asking those questions from a foreign country. If the President of Zimbabwe eats or get treated in a foreign country that does not make him a lesser human being.

Should we boycott an indigenous Zimbabwean company because it has been seen at an elected President's birthday party? No. We the people of Zimbabwe have better things to do.
We shall boycott the white supremacists as always in the ballot box by not voting for black people with white supremacists agendas. This will be the ultimate boycott.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Queen Bee And the lost Cause

Just in case you missed the events of the month. Joice Mujuru of the Zimbabwe People First was fired from ZPF while across town she was busy announcing the expulsion of her former comrades in arm, Mutasa, Gumbo, and Mutezo.

This was the most baffling event of the year. Do we have two ZPF? Just a quick heads-up; A party closing down or splitting in less than a year from formation? No, this party is splitting before its formation since Joice Mujuru and crew are all interim committee members of ZPF. Who has the authority to fire anyone from a party that has not been formed?

Chatham House Visit
When Joice Mujuru visited the outpost of white supremacists,  Chatham House in London and promised to reverse  Robert Mugabe's land reforms, she did not only ruffle the ordinary people of Zimbabwe feathers but her own comrades in arms too. It is a fact that ZPF is riding on the war veterans disaffection with ZANU Pf upstarts, Joice Mujuru Chatham visit and promise to the white supremacists was the catalyst of the abortive formation of ZPF.

From Chatham House to Harvest House
I've kept my eye on Joice ever since her Chatham House visit. I knew her next stop will be Harvest House.
To those who do not know Harvest House, it is was until recent the outpost of the Rhodesians white supremacists, in the form of the white Commercial Farmers Union. The CFU is the founding sponsors of the  MDC.
In the same building was a law firm which Tendai Biti used to work for Gill, Goldington, nd Gerrans.  This firm had the sole mandate to flood the administrative courts with white settlers land claims between 1990 and 2000.
This law firm was responsible for sponsoring Biti's trip to the USA to prep for the sanctions against Zimbabwe in the Senate.

Harvest House quickly comes to mind if you need white supremacists funds. Joice had no option,  the instruction from Chatham House was to go to Harvest House.Harvest House has a sentimental feel for the Rhodies. It is their last outpost in Zimbabwe and that where their hope for a reverse of the land reform program. It is where they will put their money.

Joice Mujuru or the queen bee has now arrived at Harvest  House.  She has the golden purse but without hardline nationalists and the war veterans support.  She is now heading a moderate and clean party which suit and compliment the white supremacists' regime change agenda of the MDC.

Queen Bee and the Teaboy 
Joice Mujuru had gained the queen bee status at ZPF. The party had been busy polishing up her image as an academic, nationalist and a war veteran. The worker bees at ZPF even recalled that Joice Mujuru downed that helicopter and also swore that the paper her doctorate was genuine and the president of Zimbabwe had capped her.

I hope the guys at Harvest House will give her the queen bee status. It will be tough with Morgan Tsvangirayi and his MDC, a coalition or merger will be a blow to the former blue eye boy of the white supremacists. It will be the end of the road for our tea boy from Buhera.He will not be drinking tea in Office of the President and Cabinet in Zimbabwe or having that afternoon tea at Chatham House or White House.

Are going to see Joice at the helm of the opposition or she just signed her political death certificate?  Are the white supremacists gamble on Joice going to pay off? What will be the role of Morgan Tsvangirayi in a coalition or merger of MDC and ZPF?

Much Ado About Nothing
This political circus goes like the Shakespeare's literal piece. The people will have the final laugh and the regime change agenda will fail to clear the hurdle in 2018. The people power will again win and the white supremacists sponsored lose. That is the way it is...
It is a fact that as long the political strings are being pulled from Harvest House, Chatham House and the White House winning any elections is impossible for the opposition.  The people of Zimbabwe are intelligent enough to know where to place their vote on the ballot box.  Let time be the judge