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ThisFlag And ThisPastor

The Pastor And His story and History This is the story of Evan Mawarire . You remember  him. The pastor-for-hire and the #ThisFlag guy from Zimbabwe. He is that guy who when he came against an ordinary challenge in his life, failure to pay his children's schools fees made it a political issue. Now if it was me or you would have had to do something to figure out how to get past an ordinary challenge  so you could get to the bottom of it.
The Pastor and his Creativity It was not to be for Evan. The old ways of raising money wasn’t working anymore. So he thought of  something different did it. He got a video of himself, narrated his views and feelings!! And the video went viral. We will not discuss the concept of viral marketing except l will tell you an expensive exercise for a broke pastor. Now  that the pastor had a viral video, the next thing he did was to go out and meet his fans. This is a very expensive exercise for a broke pastor but through the grace of God , he was able …