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Bond Notes Are Coming

Times Have Changed
This is not 2008.In 2008 we used to store our savings in cash currency and we relied on cash transactions. Everyone of us Zimbabweans know that there has been a fundamental changes both on the currency and the way we carry out our day to day transactions.
The introduction of the bond notes by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is an acknowledgement of the changes in financial habits of the people and the advancement of technology in the banking sector. It is what the negative ones amongst us have failed to understand.  It is 2016 and not 2008 let us all remind them.

Bond Notes Are Not Zimbabwean Dollars
Bond notes are here and l can safely say that they are not the Zimbabwean dollar in disguise. The Reserve bank has said that too but there is a lot of unwarranted political noise from different quarters. People are being paid to demonstrate against the bond notes.
The Financial Sector Has Evolved
In 2008 we used to rely on checks,money orders, wire transfer and debit cards. …