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August of Heroes and Pretenders

August is the month that we Zimbabweans celebrate the life of our heroes and heroines. It is the months in which every black Zimbabwean family acknowledges the efforts and sacrifice made by our people in the Chimurenga. It is a month we recognize and remember that our enemy was a white person and was a Rhodesian. It is a month that we reflect and appreciate on the bravado of our kinsmen who sacrificed their lives to unchain us from slavery and bondage.

Well, it is never as easy as above,  for among us there are people who are still slaves mentally. People who still need to be decolonised. So here is what happened in the Heroes month of August.

Flags Does not make you a Hero 
August started with a pastor-for-hire who wrapped the Zimbabwean flag on his neck in a suicide attempt. The guy had failed to pay his children fees. He made a video with a plea for assistance. The video and the hashtag went viral. The guy had his day in court, was freed and promptly fled into self-exile.Some of us…

#ThisFlag Third Force Exposed

The past six weeks in Zimbabwe at a glance!
The Third Force Exposed

The USA ambassador admitted that he uses the social media to counter  ZANU Pf propaganda tactics. He said that he can for example  meet opposition youths covertly  on social media. This is where we see social media being abused.Me thinks he is being very undiplomatic.
The USA ambassador has just admitted  on that he accessed individuals outside protocol, without the approval of the host government. If this was to happen in the USA would not only sanction the offending foreign official but will deport him or her.
The admission by the ambassador makes us believe in the third force conspiracy theory that has been hinted by the Zimbabwean government officials.
The Hashtags and Votes

I have just had a shock. There was a by election in Mazowe South Constituency.  ZANU Pf candidate Martin Dinha beat an opposition member by 12700 votes. This is a declaration of war of sorts from ZANU Pf. Can we see there are mor…