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How I turned Down $50000 from Econet

16h16 hours ago Here is the latest trick from Our valued client! 263773037230 has been selected to compete... 0 retweets0 likes Reply Retweet

My twitter account is on steriods

That's a catchy headline every blogger will like, well, I did put my twitter account on steriods. I had to just to see what will happen. My account is personal account which I use to shout out and shoot out to the cyber world out there.

I am a type of keyboard warrior and I have one or two battles I am fighting. It is a bit scary in the cyber world so you need some followers, fans, friends,clients and sometimes social media coaches. The first three are to support you material and moral and the coaches are there to teach you how to survive out there in the cyber world.

The followers,fans,friends and clients are there in the cyber world for your taking. You can have them for free!! It is the so called social media coaches and gurus that you have to pay. These coaches dangle some freebies upfront and make you pay for the real deal.I think is is fair, these guys need some bread and butter on their table too!!

Now you may be wandering why I put my twitter account on steriods. I did it …