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November Events And Traditions


If you're a Zimbabwean  there's a very real possibility that you've  been told that November is a sacred month.  Traditional you don’t marry, lay stones on graves or do anything spiritual.  This is a sacred months for Zimbabweans. I would  like people to see the contradictions in our culture with the USA where they are celebrating Thanksgiving day.


This contradiction runs right to the arrival of the infamous Pioneer Column, this day is celebrated by Rhodesian settlers. In this month the racist Rhodesian settlers murdered thousands of  children ,unarmed refugees and bombed a hospital at Chimoio. This was a war crime that no one fake media remembers or write about. More people died on this day than those who died during Gukurahundi.

The tradition dictates whatever we do the spirits will not recognize it and  bad luck would fall on you. Now there lies the gist of this blog post. I wish to unpack the effect on tradition on the USA election, Chimanimani by election , The Tajamuka/Nera Shutdown and of course the bond notes story.

Now if  you're black Zimbabwean like most people you've probably been told  about this November tradition maybe even had one or two misfortune fall on you.Mwedzi waMusikavanhu it is as holy as the Sabbath day to the Jews. You do not go against God.


I say all that to say this.My objective is explain what befell our nemesis, the chief sponsor of the ZIDERA sanctions and the most hated woman in the USA, Hilary Clinton. She lost the elections to a media underdog Donald Trump. I celebrated Donald Trump victory just to spite Hilary! !If celebrated with me with me Great job!
Hopefully  Donald Trump's  victory may mean an end of the #Zidera sanctions. Watch this space in in February 2016!!


Okay, back to here in Zimbabwe. This month is month the hated NERA called for two national Shutdowns . The purpose was to protest the  introduction of the bond notes! ! The two demonstrations were all monumental failures. The Reserve bank governor had to remind NERA that the Bond notes has already been in use since the first of October.
You see, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe  was already  giving importers and people who are receiving remittances from abroad were already receiving incentives. The people of Zimbabwe knew that the NERA demonstrations had been overtaken by events. This was sacred month of November!!


However, I've decided  to highlights the positives of November. You might have seen that one of the bond notes colour is green. Is it  a coincidence that the Green Machine, CAPS United, won the Zimbabwe Premier League in this month of November. Was the Green Machine used to print the notes by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe? I feel that the bond notes will be a success just like the famous CAPS United.


There was a by election in Chimanimani and, of course, ZANU Pf won the election. The usually noise of intimidation, violence and rigging  in the gutter media was routinely and religiously repeated. The fake media had the guts to copy word for word what was written in previous election years. We Zimbabweans do not take the gutter and fake media seriously. The gutter media is beamed at the diaspora and our detractors.

I have always said to the people in the diaspora there's no better way to learn about the fairness and accuracy of our elections  than by watching the real deal .The Zimbabwean people are willing to let you watch and pull you aside to break down everything they're doing during elections. Come home and see for yourself how we run our elections. Our next general elections are in 2018 , come home!


Finally Robin Hood was let of by enquiry set up by ZANU Pf. This was after Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commsision had over zealously laid charges and prematurely ordered the arrest of our guy in Tsholotsho. I am still at loss on how a minister can assess a cent of public funds without cabinet authority.  This is really  my November question to the ZAAC commissioner!

I could go on and on about November and God but for now let us remember the traditions of our land.Icho!!!

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