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I own a dual sim android Smartphone which runs on Econet and Telcel lines. My device allows me to select which line to receive data with.
COMPARE THE NETWORKS I have noticed that when I recharge my Econet line with a dollar and buy 5 Megabytes of data even when I do not use it or make a single call my airtime will be exhausted in less than four hours. I have compared the same with my Telcel I have bought the same amount of airtime and checked on the balance after four hours I will still be having where 4.89 Megabytes and my balance of $0.50. Remember my phone uses the same applications and it is in standby mode and I am not using it !!!! It is clear that Econet is robbing most of us of our hard earned dollars. Where can we complain or report this criminal act? I challenge Econet on this and I have already complained and visited their offices in Harare.
PUSHING AND CHARGING UNSOLICITED SERVICES At the moment, I continue to receive “News” which I have not requested for and I have been …