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What is Zimasset ?

ZIMASSET: Questions without answers? Following the recent introduction of Zimasset, I have so many questions on how the program can help the ordinary person on the street and how we as citizens can facilitate its implementation. No one is selling this program to the common people but I feel the selling points to the ordinary people are the eradication of poverty and corruption. WHY NOT CARRY OUT A ROADSHOW ON ZIMASSET? The government should carry out roadshows similar to the sanctions petition where ordinary people are told how Zimasset can be a tool for social and economic change. The roadshows will also highlight and articulate how corruption and poverty can be reduced if the policy is implemented. People should be told of incentives on whistleblowing on corrupt activities. The government should be able to reward its citizens when they report cases of corruption; this will be an opportunity for the government to have permanent checks and control over public funds. What is the role o…

Banking Ideas from an Entreprenuer to A Banker

A bank for entrepreneurs for entrepreneur is every business person’s dream. I looked on how this might become a reality for all those start-up. It is not a dream but bankers need to think like entrepreneurs and move to harness available technological advances. The challenge that the banker has always had are identification and authentication of borrower, security of money advanced, viability of the business and risks associated to a business venture. My approach is to unpack each of the challenges and offer solutions of how to overcome them.
The identification and authentication of client is now easier thanks to an explosion in social media and amazing free web tools. With the advent of mobile technology mobile devices - and their applications - are being used widely in our economies to deliver information, gather and analyze data.
Banks can match and identify suppliers and control who gets paid by the entrepreneur and how much has been paid an…

The Mystery of the Closed Postal Boxes

Dear Mr. Postmaster General,

I hope you are still called by that name and you are alive and well. I hope you have survived all the changes, with all these tech startups and disruptors around you.
I do not know if you have paid attention about the pricing of your postal boxes as by my last counts there are so many boxes which are being offered by other players in your line of business. I understand that your market has reacted by not taking up your boxes.
You see people have been complaining about the cost of renting a postal box for a long time but you have ignored them. The price of beer has dropped! The price of basic commodities has dropped! Even the value of the Rand has fallen but you have steadfastly maintained your ridiculous pricing.
You and I know the price of those little numbered green boxes in the wall must be reduced in line with technological changes around us. Now we must agree to disagree, the boxes market is still there but the prices are too high! Why?
Can you explai…

Budget Consultations- My One Billion Dollar Revenue Per Month Proposals

SECOND HAND MOTOR VEHICLES  I propose that motor vehicles duty on second-hand cars should be lowered as the duty only serves to burden the poor as it makes transport expensive. We do not have the comparative advantage in the manufacturing of motor vehicles and the so-called motor vehicle manufacturing companies are importing kits which they assembly.
These companies in light of advancing technology and automation are never going to employ as much as they were employing in the seventies and eighties. In short we do not have the motor industry to protect, and the notion that second-hand cars are a nuisance is an elitist one. The benefit of having more second-hand motor vehicles on our roads beat that of not importing as I shall highlight on my second proposal.
FUEL TAX I propose that a fuel tax is charged per every liter of diesel and petrol. This will work as opposed to the one-time import duty on the second-hand vehicle. Every vehicle that is moving on our roads will be contributing to the…