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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Mystery of the Closed Postal Boxes

Dear Mr. Postmaster General,

I hope you are still called by that name and you are alive and well. I hope you have survived all the changes, with all these tech startups and disruptors around you.

I do not know if you have paid attention about the pricing of your postal boxes as by my last counts there are so many boxes which are being offered by other players in your line of business. I understand that your market has reacted by not taking up your boxes.

You see people have been complaining about the cost of renting a postal box for a long time but you have ignored them. The price of beer has dropped! The price of basic commodities has dropped! Even the value of the Rand has fallen but you have steadfastly maintained your ridiculous pricing.

You and I know the price of those little numbered green boxes in the wall must be reduced in line with technological changes around us. Now we must agree to disagree, the boxes market is still there but the prices are too high! Why?

Can you explain to the public, who are your shareholders, why the prices are so high? I think most post-offices have reached their payback periods and the cost we want to cover is for the day to day running of the office. I mean we need to pay for the guy who sweeps the box, the box technician who repairs and maintain the boxes and maybe pay the guy in blue who supervises them. I am doing the explaining for you.

The public is the investors in the post offices and  they want the value of their money. Just in case you are not aware-time has changed. Technology dictates that you change too. Here are changes that have happened since 18 April 1980;

1.     There are boxes on the telephone, mobile phone, the personal computer and even in the cloud.
2.    These boxes are free and portable- they serve the purpose of the postal box.

S   As you can see there is a lot of boxes for the public.

So Mr. Postmaster can you listen now, give your postal boxes free and hope to increase your stamp sales other services. Silly?? 

Yours faithfully,
Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo

P.S. You are running a company owned by the public so let the public benefit !!