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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Project and Order Finance for Resellers


We would like to be the leading reseller network for goods and service. Our self-serve network allows you to market and sell goods and services though out Zimbabwe. The resellers who are already on the ground will sell your services and goods direct to the market. This allows you to have wide market coverage without incurring further costs on staff and distribution. But first, here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. What Is EMMIN reseller network?
The network enables clients to distribute any type of their branded goods and services directly to the consumer. You can learn more about the network and how to use it on my blog www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com. The network allows people to sign up as resellers for suppliers on our list. Suppliers can start their marketing campaign using our resellers on the ground or on approved reseller points.

2. Our resellers can be your merchandiser

Our resellers can recruit merchandise staff on the ground and can be part of your marketing campaign. Suppliers can contact me for details on campaign financing and other modalities.

3. Request A Line Of Credit (LOC)

Before you can get your marketing campaign up and begin promoting yourself as a reseller, you’ll need to request a line of credit. This would allow you to get goods and services direct from suppliers. Once you’ve requested an LOC, you can either prepay your campaign or apply for credit using our credit application route. I can act as a guarantor on order finance with your bank.

4. Prepayment Or Credit Application

Once you’ve applied for an LOC, you’ll need to either pay cash or fill out a credit application. Credit applications typically take a few days to approve, but credit card prepayment and cash will have you up and running today.

Thanks again for signing up; we are excited to see you on your way to the top!
Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo
The EMMIN Consult Team