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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Of Cecil the lion, Sanctions and Guns #Blacklivesmatters

For the record Cecil the lion was a hunter and all those anti-hunting lobbies should ask the University of Oxford research team how many animals he killed before the good American dentist shot him. Me thinks the dentist shot one animal illegal and Cecil killed illegal a lot of animals in his lifetime (over 100 I guess).
I am more worried of the risk the good dentist getting shot by some gun totting fellow USA citizen in his home country than one more lion being short in Hwange National Park.
I am a Zimbabwean and more people have died and continue to die because of sanctions imposed by the same people who are crying over Cecil. We do not have WWF for the black people of Africa so those animal, anti-gun and anti-hunting lobbies should have us on their endangered lists.

Farewell Cecil the Lion,
Welcome the foreign currency,
Lift the Racist Sanctions,
God bless the Good Dentist.


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