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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


 I am Edmore and I have an offer for you. I offer  free reseller packages that will not only make you earn extra income, but it will let you be our  brand representative and add something more to your current  portfolio and business line. It is also an opportunity to increase the market reach of your goods and services .
Partner with EMMIN CONSULT
You sell our services to your contacts and customers.
You can do it in your own name, without even mentioning EMMIN Consult at all! Meanwhile, we will be in the background, producing fantastic results that will keep your clients happy and your pockets full.

·         Our rates are spectacular.
One of the reasons we are willing to offer such great rates is because we can deal in volume. We give fantastic rates to our resellers, who can then sell our services at a healthy profit. All you need is a good front-end; we handle everything else.
·         Become a EMMIN reseller, TODAY!
All you need to do is recruit the business and take the payment. We take care of the rest. As a EMMIN Consult reseller you can sell something everyone wants without having to invest a great deal of time or energy in the process!
Why Chose EMMIN Consult?
·         No Capital needed
·         Competitive Price
·         Continuous In-house training
·         Unlimited Names Choices For Companies
·         Variety of Services to sell
·         100% Satisfaction Assured
·         Quick Turnaround Time
·         Commission collected upfront
·         Working Hours Flexibility

Contact me now on +263773037230 and chat or email me for further details on embuzana@gmail.com or read more on www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com .