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Saturday, 14 November 2015


I own a dual sim android Smartphone which runs on Econet and Telcel lines. My device allows me to select which line to receive data with.


I have noticed that when I recharge my Econet line with a dollar and buy 5 Megabytes of data even when I do not use it or make a single call my airtime will be exhausted in less than four hours.
I have compared the same with my Telcel I have bought the same amount of airtime and checked on the balance after four hours I will still be having where 4.89 Megabytes and my balance of $0.50. Remember my phone uses the same applications and it is in standby mode and I am not using it !!!!
It is clear that Econet is robbing most of us of our hard earned dollars. Where can we complain or report this criminal act? I challenge Econet on this and I have already complained and visited their offices in Harare.


At the moment, I continue to receive “News” which I have not requested for and I have been charged for a service I do not want. I have made several visit to their offices my complaint has not been taken seriously.


Econet is continuously flooding our messages inboxes with promotional messages. This is spamming and it not only illegal but very irritating. They advise you to send a message to a certain number if you do not want to receive the messages AND charge you for doing that. I did not request for the messages so why should I pay to stop receiving them?


I have had text messages from Google blocked or sent to me late by Econet. If I request codes for verification on my Google account I always receive them late on my Econet line. The response on  my Netone and Telcel is always instantly. Is Econet blocking or delaying these codes? If it is why should they block the codes?


I bought a $1-day bundle today at 1000hrs and by 1400, I have not opened one page or even allowed to access the internet. I cannot send or receive Whatsapp messages. This is robbery as the hours are ticking away without me using the 250MB. Econet please do something.

I have written about this before and other complaints on my blog www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com my mobile number is +263773037230 and have complained to Econet_support on twitter and my problems have not been solved.

Monday, 26 October 2015

What is Zimasset ?

ZIMASSET: Questions without answers?

Following the recent introduction of Zimasset, I have so many questions on how the program can help the ordinary person on the street and how we as citizens can facilitate its implementation. No one is selling this program to the common people but I feel the selling points to the ordinary people are the eradication of poverty and corruption.


The government should carry out roadshows similar to the sanctions petition where ordinary people are told how Zimasset can be a tool for social and economic change. The roadshows will also highlight and articulate how corruption and poverty can be reduced if the policy is implemented.
People should be told of incentives on whistleblowing on corrupt activities. The government should be able to reward its citizens when they report cases of corruption; this will be an opportunity for the government to have permanent checks and control over public funds.
What is the role of government departments like Ministry of Information, Indigenization, and Women Affairs, Education and Youth in sensitizing the people under their respective portfolio on the pro and cons of Zimasset?


Is Zimasset the answer to poverty and economic development for Zimbabwe or it is just another talking topic in bars and other social gatherings like funerals and political rallies? Do we have the political will to tackle issues and implement?
What does it mean to the poor? Will it change their current situation or will it worsen it?


How will Zimasset reduce rates to realistic levels?  What policies must be set in place to protect the public from extortionist and over staffed utilities?
Ideal rates and utility charges must be used as points of redistribution of wealth within a given economy. This calls for a fifth cluster on Public Utilities and Rates which will be able to have an oversight of charges being charged by other clusters.




There is a need to go to Ministries, departments and sections that generate and collect revenues and take a detailed study of their activities. This will enable us to match and link revenue generating activities and the desired result of a particular utility. This will also allow government to direct savings to targeted areas of need,
The people have another unanswered question; is the current performance appraisal system aligned to Zimasset?
The civil servants who have been grossly underpaid or overcharged by utilities must get his or her just compensation through realistic performance management systems that cascade to utilities under their departments.
Civil servants have carried the burden of utilities and the government must take bold steps to reward them for their diligence and resilience since the year 2000.Has Zimasset addressed the concerns of the civil servants?


The above approach will be able to identify areas where resources have been diverted and are being mishandled. It is known that poverty is the principal cause of corruption, not vice versa as a nation we have accepted this and corruption in turn drives poverty levels up.
Can we as a nation break this cycle by implementing Zimasset, and take decisive action?
 The top two priorities for Zimasset should be to tackle corruption followed by poverty reduction. Corruption and poverty reduction should both be targeted and be treated as a security issue.


Zimasset is being implemented by the highest office in the country that means the government has prioritized Zimasset. My questions what are the OPIC deliverables? Is it how many corrupt people are arrested, a sharp drop in poverty level or double digit economic growth rate?
The above questions must have answers from the authors and architects of Zimasset. When the people know the deliverables and answers, then the government will be able to sell this noble program. Yes, we have it on paper now let us as a nation walk the talk.


Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo is not a professional writer but just a blogger. You can follow him on twitter.com/mbuzana1 or read his common nonsense on this blog  or meet him on www.facebook.com/edmore.mbuzanamlambo or read aboutme.com/edmorembuzanamlambo.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Banking Ideas from an Entreprenuer to A Banker

A bank for entrepreneurs for entrepreneur is every business person’s dream. I looked on how this might become a reality for all those start-up. It is not a dream but bankers need to think like entrepreneurs and move to harness available technological advances. The challenge that the banker has always had are identification and authentication of borrower, security of money advanced, viability of the business and risks associated to a business venture. My approach is to unpack each of the challenges and offer solutions of how to overcome them.


The identification and authentication of client is now easier thanks to an explosion in social media and amazing free web tools. With the advent of mobile technology mobile devices - and their applications - are being used widely in our economies to deliver information, gather and analyze data.

Banks can match and identify suppliers and control who gets paid by the entrepreneur and how much has been paid and for what service.

The solution is for banks to go mobile, that is adapting mobile technology for identification and authentication of potential entrepreneurs.


Mobile technology becomes an even more valuable asset in terms of security. This technology allows the bank to control disbursement, use of money in by the client and even have a say in payments to suppliers. The fact is mobile technology and the internet can actually change the way banks interact with the entrepreneur. Mobile technology will allow the banks and entrepreneur to stay connected therefore allow close monitoring of the monies advanced. In other words, mobile wallets can be controlled by both the banks and entrepreneurs.
The solution is to explore the mobile wallet options for disbursement of funds by both the banks and entrepreneurs.
Banks should draw bankable proposals and let the entrepreneur  concentrate on selling his idea to the bankers. I strongly believe that banks are in a better position to give input to an entrepreneur’s proposal as they employ accountants, economists and other professional who understand finance better than the entrepreneur.
When banks match the entrepreneur’s needs by clearly defining what they expect from them and create an environment that enables business to grow. Proper financing of an entrepreneur’s idea will result in measurable scalability of any business.
My solution is let the bank draw the proposal and to let the entrepreneur sell his idea to the bank.


The entrepreneur would like the bank insure him or her venture. The bank should provide an insurance policy that covers all risks associated with his or her venture. I believe government should also act as a guarantor to new businesses to a certain extend.

I know the greatest risk to an entrepreneur is failure. Failure to start a business cannot be mitigated- it remains in you forever

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Mystery of the Closed Postal Boxes

Dear Mr. Postmaster General,

I hope you are still called by that name and you are alive and well. I hope you have survived all the changes, with all these tech startups and disruptors around you.

I do not know if you have paid attention about the pricing of your postal boxes as by my last counts there are so many boxes which are being offered by other players in your line of business. I understand that your market has reacted by not taking up your boxes.

You see people have been complaining about the cost of renting a postal box for a long time but you have ignored them. The price of beer has dropped! The price of basic commodities has dropped! Even the value of the Rand has fallen but you have steadfastly maintained your ridiculous pricing.

You and I know the price of those little numbered green boxes in the wall must be reduced in line with technological changes around us. Now we must agree to disagree, the boxes market is still there but the prices are too high! Why?

Can you explain to the public, who are your shareholders, why the prices are so high? I think most post-offices have reached their payback periods and the cost we want to cover is for the day to day running of the office. I mean we need to pay for the guy who sweeps the box, the box technician who repairs and maintain the boxes and maybe pay the guy in blue who supervises them. I am doing the explaining for you.

The public is the investors in the post offices and  they want the value of their money. Just in case you are not aware-time has changed. Technology dictates that you change too. Here are changes that have happened since 18 April 1980;

1.     There are boxes on the telephone, mobile phone, the personal computer and even in the cloud.
2.    These boxes are free and portable- they serve the purpose of the postal box.

S   As you can see there is a lot of boxes for the public.

So Mr. Postmaster can you listen now, give your postal boxes free and hope to increase your stamp sales other services. Silly?? 

Yours faithfully,
Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo

P.S. You are running a company owned by the public so let the public benefit !!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Budget Consultations- My One Billion Dollar Revenue Per Month Proposals

 I propose that motor vehicles duty on second-hand cars should be lowered as the duty only serves to burden the poor as it makes transport expensive. We do not have the comparative advantage in the manufacturing of motor vehicles and the so-called motor vehicle manufacturing companies are importing kits which they assembly.

These companies in light of advancing technology and automation are never going to employ as much as they were employing in the seventies and eighties.
In short we do not have the motor industry to protect, and the notion that second-hand cars are a nuisance is an elitist one. The benefit of having more second-hand motor vehicles on our roads beat that of not importing as I shall highlight on my second proposal.

I propose that a fuel tax is charged per every liter of diesel and petrol. This will work as opposed to the one-time import duty on the second-hand vehicle. Every vehicle that is moving on our roads will be contributing to the fiscus; in short it means every vehicle registered or not, will become a revenue source that will contribute to the fiscus  on a daily basis. The more the merrier as the Englishman will say.

This tax is hard to invade and ease to collect and Zimra should have their supermarket machines at every service station and collect hard cash every morning.

I propose that the excise duty is the same on imported beer and local beers as these are all manufactured by a cartel. Canned and bottled beer is being dumped in Zimbabwe and the importers should fund the fiscus. I propose 50% excise duty on a liter of beer, wine, and spirits.

Gonomics (the economics according to Gideon Gono) used to call these sin taxes let the sinners pay. The official smugglers (Multinational Corporations) and the unofficial smugglers pay the tax for their sins. Amen!!!

I propose that all exports be pre-inspected and valued before being shipped. I also propose that all companies that export and do not want their shipments inspected pay a refundable deposit of say $10 000 per consignment for exemption.

My proposal is in view of the rampant under-invoicing by multinational companies and former foreign-owned companies especially those in Manicaland 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Project and Order Finance for Resellers


We would like to be the leading reseller network for goods and service. Our self-serve network allows you to market and sell goods and services though out Zimbabwe. The resellers who are already on the ground will sell your services and goods direct to the market. This allows you to have wide market coverage without incurring further costs on staff and distribution. But first, here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. What Is EMMIN reseller network?
The network enables clients to distribute any type of their branded goods and services directly to the consumer. You can learn more about the network and how to use it on my blog www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com. The network allows people to sign up as resellers for suppliers on our list. Suppliers can start their marketing campaign using our resellers on the ground or on approved reseller points.

2. Our resellers can be your merchandiser

Our resellers can recruit merchandise staff on the ground and can be part of your marketing campaign. Suppliers can contact me for details on campaign financing and other modalities.

3. Request A Line Of Credit (LOC)

Before you can get your marketing campaign up and begin promoting yourself as a reseller, you’ll need to request a line of credit. This would allow you to get goods and services direct from suppliers. Once you’ve requested an LOC, you can either prepay your campaign or apply for credit using our credit application route. I can act as a guarantor on order finance with your bank.

4. Prepayment Or Credit Application

Once you’ve applied for an LOC, you’ll need to either pay cash or fill out a credit application. Credit applications typically take a few days to approve, but credit card prepayment and cash will have you up and running today.

Thanks again for signing up; we are excited to see you on your way to the top!
Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo
The EMMIN Consult Team

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Over the past decade, farmers in the Middle Sabi Valley, in Chipinge, have been battling to have affordable water for irrigating their fields. The valley is home to one of the wheat growing regions in the Zimbabwe.  The new farmers in the Middle Sabi Valley have been caught between local politics, foreign agricultural interests with racial grudges against black farmers and uncoordinated government intervention. I have tried to highlight the main threats to progress and development in the Valley in this short article.
I have met with individual farmers in who are worried about the situation they are in. They hope for a solution that would draw on both basic business sense and economics: The water supply in the valley depends on electricity which makes it very expensive. Farmers have observed that 300ml of Coke is cheaper than the 300ml 0f water from ZINWA, which follows that it would be cheaper to irrigate their fields with bottled mineral water!
Farmers are negotiating for affordable rates for both electricity and water with the relevant authorities. The farmers are now seeking government intervention to curb the extortive rates charged by the two utilities who as everyone knows are saddled with excess staff which are overpaid. The cost of labor of the two utilities is  not only a threat to the farmers in Middle Sabi but to all in industry and commerce. This threat has also been identified in the Zimasset policy document and the government has yet to intervene.
The idea is simple: Reduce the labor costs of these utilities. Make a relatively painfully decision now to obtain cheaper and affordable water and electricity in the future, and ensure the future of agriculture, industry and commerce in Valley. Once electricity and water cost less the move will produce a host of other benefits, including improved water supplies for local communal farmers and business centers in the Valley.
 Farmers in the valley have been approached by MNCs  to lease out land or to be outgrowers and politicians sometimes see large foreign agricultural interests as the enemy.  This is a result of our historic experiences with the same corporations before our land reform  program. We still have the memory of institutionalized exploitation that happened before and after our independence. These threats are still real and it is the government which must safeguard the individual farmers, by coming up with a policy framework to counter it.
Government through the Ministries of Agriculture, Finance, Industry, and Commerce has not in any way assisted the new farmers in Middle Sabi.  The farmers are missing out on opportunities that could have far-reaching effects. The farmers want the government to negotiate and come out with effective agricultural programs which will increase bottom-line growth for   the new farmers, small businesses downstream and the large multinational corporations in the Valley.
It is a fact that over the year’s business has flourished with the assistance of multinationals and foreign investment. The investment by Greenfuel in the Valley, for example, has seen the population of the Valley rising above poverty. This investment has benefitted the rural folk in the Valley.
The government can actual approach the multinationals and sell the investment opportunities that the Middle Sabi Valley can offer. The government must champion long-term investments in the Valley and should listen closely to what the multinationals and the new farmers want.

 Change is the threat to any status quo. The new farmers have to change and government policy has to change. It is this threat- the change in policy- that has been difficult to put into practice. Historically, politicians and bureaucrats in government have done a better job of speaking to one another than to businesspeople (here I mean the new farmers and the multinationals). The three parties need to get better at communicating their positions and to prioritize development of the Valley.

Local politicians should consider the business opportunities of making investments in the Valley. I know they do not. I do not think the politicians should tell the Valley community how to run their farms or businesses. Politicians and bureaucrats should listen to what the new farmers’ want- and promote policies that will benefit the Valley.

© Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo All rights reserved

Friday, 14 August 2015

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Of Cecil the lion, Sanctions and Guns #Blacklivesmatters

For the record Cecil the lion was a hunter and all those anti-hunting lobbies should ask the University of Oxford research team how many animals he killed before the good American dentist shot him. Me thinks the dentist shot one animal illegal and Cecil killed illegal a lot of animals in his lifetime (over 100 I guess).
I am more worried of the risk the good dentist getting shot by some gun totting fellow USA citizen in his home country than one more lion being short in Hwange National Park.
I am a Zimbabwean and more people have died and continue to die because of sanctions imposed by the same people who are crying over Cecil. We do not have WWF for the black people of Africa so those animal, anti-gun and anti-hunting lobbies should have us on their endangered lists.

Farewell Cecil the Lion,
Welcome the foreign currency,
Lift the Racist Sanctions,
God bless the Good Dentist.


Friday, 24 July 2015


This is a crazy FREE offer!
What can you like to get for free? A tank of gas. A crate of beers. A night at the movies with your family. A paid up holiday to Victoria Falls or an all expenses paid holiday around Zimbabwe.
But thanks to the crazy offer in the history of the employment and recruitment industry, I can offer you a job for free, no bribes, no upfront fees and the biggest of all free offers- you are your own boss. Which mean no fixed working hours and the chance to work from anywhere
There is a whole lot more free things in this offer. You have free flexible hours (you can work in your free hours if you have another job) and you have the freedom to work at your own pace. You will not pay rent or upfront fees.
This free offer is the perfect job. It does not matter what profession or occupation you are in. It allows you to join a network of professionals and earn income. It allows you to have an income stream for life by selling services for other people for a commission.
As you shall see our network can also sell your goods services. When you join I can include your goods or services on our resellers list. Our resellers are all over the country and this gives you an opportunity to market your goods or services national for free.
Join Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo Investments Network by submitting your email on my blog www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com  and I will send you a reseller info pack with all the tools and guidance you need to get to be a reseller. I'll show you how to get a part-time job and earn a commission.
It sounds like a good investment to me. But I work at EMMIN Consult... so maybe I'm biased. But as I said it is FREE get your info pack now and start earning NOW.
Here’s to a new stream of income,

Thursday, 23 July 2015


This is a new way of making money and some people are real skeptic until they earn their first dollar! We want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful on reselling. Here are some answers to common questions from resellers who have recently joined us.
How do I accept payments from my customers?
We offer more than 2 payment gateway options, which are cash or transfers. You should issue a receipt and deduct your 10% commission. You should have your own branded stationery.
How do I get email address and why I need it?
You’ll need to open an email or use one you already have.  The email will help in communicating with your principal consultant. You need to have an current list of shelf companies and this we can only sent via email.
How will my services get to be known?
Through the magic of hard work and selling yourself to the local business community.
Where do I start with marketing my services?
Good question! There are a lot of ways to market your services to drive more sales, including calling on customers, advertising your services and selling your services to your community. Remember the network is already doing some marketing for you on the web and other media.
What kind of support will I get? 
Being an Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo Investments Network reseller means you get awesome support 24/7 via phone, email and online chat. Visit my blog www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com to get in touch. You can also get expert e-commerce advice  and one-on-one coaching from the Principal Consultant by phone or Skype. 
Have more questions? Don’t be shy! Give us a call at +263773037230 or check out my blog www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


EDMORE MBUZANA MLAMBO: SELL AND RESELL FOR A LIVING:  I am Edmore and I have an offer for you. I offer  free reseller packages that will not only make you earn extra income, but it will let yo...


 I am Edmore and I have an offer for you. I offer  free reseller packages that will not only make you earn extra income, but it will let you be our  brand representative and add something more to your current  portfolio and business line. It is also an opportunity to increase the market reach of your goods and services .
Partner with EMMIN CONSULT
You sell our services to your contacts and customers.
You can do it in your own name, without even mentioning EMMIN Consult at all! Meanwhile, we will be in the background, producing fantastic results that will keep your clients happy and your pockets full.

·         Our rates are spectacular.
One of the reasons we are willing to offer such great rates is because we can deal in volume. We give fantastic rates to our resellers, who can then sell our services at a healthy profit. All you need is a good front-end; we handle everything else.
·         Become a EMMIN reseller, TODAY!
All you need to do is recruit the business and take the payment. We take care of the rest. As a EMMIN Consult reseller you can sell something everyone wants without having to invest a great deal of time or energy in the process!
Why Chose EMMIN Consult?
·         No Capital needed
·         Competitive Price
·         Continuous In-house training
·         Unlimited Names Choices For Companies
·         Variety of Services to sell
·         100% Satisfaction Assured
·         Quick Turnaround Time
·         Commission collected upfront
·         Working Hours Flexibility

Contact me now on +263773037230 and chat or email me for further details on embuzana@gmail.com or read more on www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com .

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


 As a new reseller communications is necessary to bridge the gap so as to grasp the basics of building up your company registration business. The frequency of communications will vary depending on the following factors;


As a new reseller the communications should be often as maybe two to three times a week for a month to get a strong foothold of the company registration and consultancy business. The communications will be centered on company registration process, knowing your co resellers, and how to get extra business and earn commission.

 These are the essential areas of concern for new resellers and there has to be robust communications to get an understanding of the network business. After grasping the fundamentals then communications process still continues to reinforce and to keep abreast.


For team building communications with consultants and fellow resellers is necessary once a week to seek advice on how to build a cohesive team and progress together. Get Evernote
to interface with me.


There could be a possibility that your client maybe unresponsive. This calls for more frequent communication with your clients. Perhaps communicating about at least two times a week should help builds up your potential client and business base.


Communication with consultants is the key to success in your business. So you need to communicate with your principal consultant at least once a week to guide you through this process.


It is normal to have a lead time for the processes. So constant communication with your principal consultant is necessary and could get you faster responses. This also cuts down on the workload and frustration from your clients. It is important to tell client realistic lead times.

Principal Consultants do carry out weekly support and in a way some communication is always maintained for resellers. The various means of communications are many and include my blog
www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com,mobile and Email etc.

To sum up communication is an essential tool to build up your business and should always be maintained with your principal consultant in order to get a firm grasp of the network business and disseminate your knowledge to your clients and fellow resellers.

Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo

Wednesday, 25 February 2015



Dear Reseller
Long time ago there was no shortage of employment but things have changed. The plain fact is that you will not find a job easily. Even a business degree does not guarantee you employment.
The fact is that people have to create work and employment for themselves.
This is the reason for this venture. The listed services are in demand where ever you are rural or urban. I have a network of consultants that need a last mile contact with its client and you are that link. GET OUT THERE AND MEET YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS PEOPLE AND ASSIST THEM WHILE YOU EARN EXTRA INCOME!!!!

Ø  You do not need any capital
Ø  No upfront fees
Ø  You earn your commission at point of sale
Ø  You do not do any paperwork
Ø  You do not need an office
Ø  No training fees

Ø  Cell-phone
Ø  An email address / face-book account
Ø  A receipt book
Ø  A current Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo Investment Network reseller pack
Ø  And yourself to do the work



1.      Company registration and sell of shelf company          $300-00
2.      Private business corporation registration                    $150-00
3.      CR 14 CR 6 Annual returns                                                $  60-00
4.      Renewal of liquor licence                                                  $650-00
5.      Application for shop & liquor licence                              $600-00

1.Reseller provides services to client, gets client details and payment.
2. Reseller deducts   10% commission.
3. Reseller   forwards   the service fees and client details to consultant.
4.  Consultant on receipt of service fees and client details, will action.
5. Consultant will forward the serviced documents to client or reseller.

To get you reseller starter pack, all you need is to send me an email. This investment will cover free business consultancy service and make you an associate consultant for the rest of your life.
The starter pack consists of client details form (which you can photocopy) and a list of current names of company on sale. The starter kit will be updated on your request via email.

All you have to do send me your name and address and email your details to the email provided or join my group on Facebook. Inbox me your email or cut the form below. It is the duty of the reseller to make sure that information of the client has been provided and the fees has been fully paid. All are transactions are on a cash basis. A $10.00 handling fee will be charged on all reversed transactions.

Yours faithfully,
Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo


Yes l would like to be a reseller of your services.
o   Sent me your reseller kit and I will pay on my first sale.(email option only)
o   Cheque- please make cheque out to Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo
o   Postal order
o   Cash
o   ECOCASH to 0773 037 230

o   Bank deposit/internet transfer
Steward Bank Account
0773 037230

o   Please debit my card and Reseller details
Card Number..............................................................................
Expiry DATE …………………………………………………………..
Name of Reseller …………………………………I.D Number........................Cell..................... Address…………………………………………Signature……………………………………………………..

Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo
Trade Measures Building
77 -3rd Street,

Mr D. Huruwe,  Jotali Building, 101 Herbert Chitepo Street, Mutare : Call 0772734469

Mr. M . Chirisa, Suite 101,1st  Floor  Silundika Hse, Cnr 1st/Silundika, HARARE. Call 0712778620/0774 038 895

Mr. S.M.Sithole, SMS Accounting Services,Chipinge 0774 790 831

Mr. F.Mlambo ,Ries Sports Bars, Chipinge    Call 0772995552.
Mr. Thomas Mlambo, TMC ,Machongwe  B.C, Chimani  0773 119 561
Mr. T. Mlambo ,TMC ,12/721 Gaza Township, Chipinge 0773 119 561
Mr Elijah Mugido,  Votary Distributors ,Chipinge. 0772 312 744
Mr. Chinheya,Nactus Investments, Ngangu,Chimani,0772 444932
Mr. S. M Sithole, SMS Accounting, Chipinge, 0774 790831
Mr. M. Mashavira,Makoni Country Club,0774 206 892
Mr.T.T.Moyo,Mocc Printers,Chimanimani,0775 23997
Mr. T.B. Gwenzi, Checheche Bar, Checheche 0772 287088
 Mr. J.J Kuripa, Vengere , Rusape,0778530873

The above information can be sent by text or email.

TYPE OF SERVICES(tick the service/s  required)
1. Company registration

2.  Shelf company

3. CR 14

4. CR 6

5. CR 11

6. CR 21

7. Annual Returns

8 .Renewal of liquor license

9. Application of new liquor license

10.Other goods or services

The services above are offered by  Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo and the person offering the service is working as a reseller. You can confirm this by calling( +263 ) 0773037230 or email me on embuzana@gmail.com  or follow me on www. facebook/edmore.mbuzanamlambo you can also read more on my blog www.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com .

I have received $___________ and deducted my  10% commission  of $_______
SIGNATURE OF RESELLER_________________DATE___________RECEIPT NO_________

© All rights reserved 2015 Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo