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I do not know if I am the only person who has a beef with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. I will admit I have seen similar complaints on twitter and Facebook and I am wondering if Econet is doing anything about the complaints.People are being charged for a service they have not received!!! Are you a victim too?
MY COMPLAINT Here is a blow by blow account of my complaint on twitter which has not been solved as I write. I bought a monthly Facebook bundle on Saturday, 23 August 2014. I could not access Facebook on its application or via phone browser and opera mini.
On the 30th of August I bought $2.00 airtime and I was able to access Facebook via its application on the understanding that I was accessing it on the monthly bundle facility only to discover that my $2.00 had been reduced to zero. I then twitted to Econet Zimbabwe.
THEIR RESPONSE The response I got was not adequate and dismissive. “Hi Edmore, As long as the bundle is active you will not be charged for accessing Facebook…