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Dear Maxen, I would like to thank you for your response and your concern.
I understand you have reduced the “recommended selling price” of your products by a bigger percentage than the cost reduction on your product. Your reduction translate to $0.40 per crate. In our Big Brown Bottle Promotion at Magumbe Bottle Store the selling price on quarts is $1.67 which beats your so called “recommended retail price” and we are passing on a discount whooping  $0.33 per bottle to our cash strapped customers. This translate to a total discount of $3.96 per crate as compared to the $0.40 which you are offering me.
My facebook post is a plea to you to wake up to economic realities. We used to have three delivery per week  and as I write we now have one delivery per week and the delivery truck is getting smaller too!!
The price of beer has risen from below $12.00 in 2009 to the current price of $17.40 per crate. Inflation in the same period has fallen from over 17%  to -0.01. The rate of the rand a…