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ZIMASSET: Questions without answers? Following the recent introduction of Zimasset I have so many questions on how the program can help the ordinary person on the street and how we as citizens can facilitate its implementation. No one is selling this program to the common people but I feel the selling points to the ordinary povo are eradication of poverty and corruption. WHY NOT CARRY OUT A ROADSHOW ON ZIMASSET? The government should carry out roadshows similar to the sanctions petition where ordinary people are told how Zimasset can be a tool for social and economic change. The roadshows will also highlight and articulate how corruption and poverty can be reduced if the policy is implemented. People should be told of incentives on whistleblowing on corrupt activities. Government should be able to reward its citizens when they report cases of corruption; this will be an opportunity for government to have permanent checks and control over public funds. What is the role of government de…