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5 STEPS FOR GROWTH I am bottle store owner and I do not blog for a living. I blog for fun and I would like to share my experience with the world. I believe I am qualified to write on business since I have ran a lodge, three bottles stores and a home based business consultancy. I have closed the lodge and two of the bottle stores but I still do business consultancy for a living.

You and I have seen that little shop by the roadside as you passed. You will remember it from the time you were a child. It may be operating as a family business and it never grew but it has never closed either. It remains that small shop and it will never grow. I have always wondered why small business remain small and when I opened my first bottle store, I set out to live this challenge and come out with some solutions for growth.

This has been the challenge for both the rural and urban retailer. This challenge can be overcome by adopting simple and tried strategies that the big retailers use. This is what I…