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 As a new reseller communications is necessary to bridge the gap so as to grasp the basics of building up your company registration business.These tips I acknowledge  borrowing from +gopal keith ideas, my sponsor at SFI. The frequency of communications will vary depending on the following factors;


As a new reseller the communications should be often as maybe two to three times a week for a month to get a strong foothold of the company registration and consultancy business. The communications will be centered on company registration process, knowing your co resellers, and how to get extra business and earn commission.

 These are the essential areas of concern for new resellers and there has to be robust communications to get an understanding of the network business. After grasping the fundamentals then communications process still continues to reinforce and to keep abreast.


For team building communications with consultants and fellow resellers is necessary once a week to seek advice on how to build a cohesive team and progress together.


There could be a possibility that your client maybe unresponsive. This calls for more frequent communication with your clients. Perhaps communicating about at least two times a week should help builds up your potential client and business base.


Communication with consultants is the key to success in your business. So you need to communicate with your principal consultant at least once a week to guide you through this process.


It is normal to have a lead time for the processes. So constant communication with your principal consultant is necessary and could get you faster responses. This also cuts down on the workload and frustration from your clients. It is important to tell client realistic lead times.

Principal Consultants do carry out weekly support and in a way some communication is always maintained for resellers. The various means of communications are many and includes my blog,mobile and Email etc.

To sum up communication is an essential tool to build up your business and should always be maintained with your principal consultant in order to get a firm grasp of the network business and disseminate your knowledge to your clients and fellow resellers.

Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo

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