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Tuesday, 26 August 2014



The bodies of the victims of white Rhodesian forces of the Chimurenga War are still being discovered in mass graves. Hundreds of bodies have recently been discovered in Penhalonga, near Mutare, around former white commercial area.

There are still some white commercial farmers who participated in the war who are still in the area. These and other farmers who are still in the country must be held accountable, not only for the deaths of the victims but for concealment of the mass graves on their farms.

The above, murdering a person, not reporting deaths and concealment of bodies are criminal offences. The State must simply look up who the previous owner of these properties are at the Deeds Office and lay criminal charges against the former commercial farm.


The victims in the mass graves includes unarmed women, children and armed liberation combatants. The victims have not been documented and are being identified using traditional spirit mediums.
The government should at least document the events and location of exhumation sites.

 These sites of mass graves must be recorded for the purpose of identifying the killers and the victim. Identifications will also assist if compensations of the victims should arise.

The family of these victims I think should be compensated. I propose a Special Parliamentary Committee must be set up to look into ways of funding of the exhumation of mass graves and identifying the victims using DNA technology.
The funds must be sourced or set off against the compensation claims of the white commercial farmers on improvements to their farms.


It is true that every white commercial farmer around these mass graves must have known of their presence and their contents and they had a moral responsibility to report and acknowledge them. The failure to report these graves is not only criminal but a total rejection of Robert Mugabe call of National Reconciliation of 1980.

These Rhodesian criminals must pay for their collective sin by compensating the families of their victim. Our culture and tradition calls it “kuripa Ngozi”. Let those be tormented soul be compensated.


The State and media are not doing enough to highlight the Rhodesian atrocities and excesses. Let us talk about it. It is the State’s duty to take care of its citizen ,dead or alive. It is the media duty to report the crimes of yesteryear as they are unearthed in those mass graves.   

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