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Thursday, 26 June 2014


Dear Maxen,
I would like to thank you for your response and your concern.

I understand you have reduced the “recommended selling price” of your products by a bigger percentage than the cost reduction on your product. Your reduction translate to $0.40 per crate.
In our Big Brown Bottle Promotion at Magumbe Bottle Store the selling price on quarts is $1.67 which beats your so called “recommended retail price” and we are passing on a discount whooping  $0.33 per bottle to our cash strapped customers. This translate to a total discount of $3.96 per crate as compared to the $0.40 which you are offering me.

My facebook post is a plea to you to wake up to economic realities. We used to have three delivery per week  and as I write we now have one delivery per week and the delivery truck is getting smaller too!!

The price of beer has risen from below $12.00 in 2009 to the current price of $17.40 per crate. Inflation in the same period has fallen from over 17%  to -0.01. The rate of the rand against the dollar has also fallen over the same period. WHY HAVE YOUR PRICE CONTINUED TO RISE?? That is my million dollar question to Delta Beverages.

I am both a consumer and seller of your product and I feel pity on myself and other drinkers. I also happen to understand my market and that is why  I am running the BIG BROWN BOTTLE PROMOTION !!!!


Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo

P. S:  A pint of beer cost 4 rands in South Africa I am serious thinking of emigrating there.

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